Tempo Traveller Rates in Ernakulam

You can easily manage your expenses while opting for tours with our Tempo Travellers.

Our Tempo Traveller Rates in Ernakulam are nominal. With the comforts and convenience we are offering, you will be greatly benefitted. If you need our affordable services in Ernakulam, simply contact us. Our spacious, air-conditioned Tempos are the best choice of commutation in the city. You can save time and expenses while choosing our services and most importantly enjoy your sightseeing experience. While you have decided to enjoy your tour, you cannot afford to waste your time finding for transport. But, it is also important to choose better commutation and ensure safe journey.

So, if you are still planning your sightseeing in Ernakulam, opt for our Tempo travellers and enjoy your ride. Now there is no need to depend on other commutation or choose travel operators randomly and try your luck; you can depend on our trusted services and enjoy your experience. Get Best Tempo Traveller Rates in Ernakulam.

Ernakulam Railway Station to Munnar
Type of Vehicle Price
Sedan Cab (Indigo,Verito,Desire,Etios) Rs.4,500/- (300 km blocked)
Innova Rs.5,250/- (300 km blocked)
Tempo Traveller 09 Seat Rs.5,800/- (300 km blocked)
Tempo Traveller 12,13 Seat Rs.6,400/- (300 km blocked)
Tempo Traveller 17 Seat Rs.6,850/- (300 km blocked)

God’s Own Country Kerala is full of beautiful locales for sightseeing that you will love touring the verdant state. You develop an impulse to explore its bewitching natural locations. But you are reluctant for the tiresome journey in buses and crowded trains. You are new to God’s Own Country and every place is new to you. Then, you probed for ways to explore the evergreen locales of the country. Finally, you discovered a solution to the dilemma. New Tempo Traveller services are introduced to increase the convenience of the visitors. Now you can travel comfortably across God’s Own Country and visit its beautiful locations. You can avoid strenuous journey by bus or train instead opt for the air-conditioned traveller available for rent.

Your primary objective is to visit plenty of the evergreen locations in God’s Own Country. You can add ample comfort to your journey, if you opt to commute by Traveller. With ample leg space, you can stretch out and relax in the vehicle. You also have no hassles of following bus schedules. It is quite difficult to find the buses plying to different locations in Kerala and board them in time. You are lost because you do not know the local language to understand your whereabouts. While you are unfamiliar with the places, the chances are high that you may be lost or get stranded in any place. Trains are also no better options. You will have difficulty in finding the railway stations and boarding the crowded trains. If you depend on buses and trains, you will not be able to tour the attractions in Kerala within a short period and complete your visit.

Now it’s easy to book a Tempo Traveller

Tempo Travellers committed to transporting tourists are available to commute you both safely and quickly to all stunning locations across Kerala. You simply have to settle the Tempo Traveller rent per Km in Kerala and enjoy your tour in sheer convenience. These Travellers are safest mode of transport for the tourists unfamiliar with the places in Kerala. You can book the travellers and visit the places in groups. The travellers can visit in groups and enjoy their journey. The tours are planned to connect different places in Kerala and brief you visit. The experienced drivers know to manage the tour in the shortest distances especially as they are aware of the best routes. While travelling alone, you are not aware of the short routes and can be easily lost even with good guidance. With the heat high during noons, the air-conditioned travellers can soothen the heat and commute you to large distances easily and within short period, you will have easily visited the best sightseeing locations in Kerala with absolutely no hassles. There are an array of places to visit and enjoy in Kerala such as natural endowments, churches, palaces, museums, heritage centres and many more. Explore the country during your first visit and tour a host of interesting places.

We offer Tempo Traveller services in Kerala, if you need to book the Travellers, simply contact us. The Tempo Traveller rent per Km in Kerala is 3Seas Tours. Enjoy an affordable trip across the beautiful locations in God’s Own Country, Kerala.