Tempo Traveller Operators In Ernakulam, most of the tourists search for this when they plan trip to Cochin. You are a new visitor in Ernakulam eager to explore the developed and verdant realms in God’s Own Country. You are considering sightseeing and you want to visit all the top locations in and around the city. To meet the requirements of the tourists visiting God’s Own Country, we have introduced Tempo tour services in Ernakulam. Now travel comfortably in the spacious Tempos and explore Ernakulam. You can easily travel to places around the city and enjoy your tour. It is not easy to drive in the bustling city, but with our expert drivers your journey will be easy.

Tempo Traveller Rent in Ernakulam

We are Tempo traveller operators in Ernakulam, offering comfortable commutation to visitors reaching Ernakulam. We increase their comforts and convenience with our services. It is not easy to commute in the city using taxis. You may want to travel to far destinations and it may not be easy to spot a taxi that serves your requirement. Instead, you can opt for air-conditioned Tempos that can accommodate different groups of visitors. We are able to accommodate families and groups, commute them safely to the locations of your choice. So, opt for our services and visit the preferred locations in Ernakulam.

If you are a first-time visitor to Ernakulam in God’s Own Country, then you can readily seek our services. It is a better option than opting for public transport or taxis as you may be lost and stranded. While you are unfamiliar with the names of places and the different locations in the city, travelling around independently may not be a great idea. Instead, plan your tours and sightseeing in groups and packs. Choose comfortable, air-conditioned Tempos and explore the locales easily. These Tempo tours are the most ideal options for families and it can accommodate even children. Travelling is not an easy experience for all. So, you have to plan comfortable tours while planning tours for the convenience of all travelling. We are experienced Tempo Traveller operators in Ernakulum meeting the requirements of our customers and plying them comfortably to the desired destinations.

Ernakulam Railway Station to Munnar
Type of Vehicle Price
Sedan Cab (Indigo,Verito,Desire,Etios) Rs.4,500/- (300 km blocked)
Innova Rs.5,250/- (300 km blocked)
Tempo Traveller 09 Seat Rs.5,800/- (300 km blocked)
Tempo Traveller 12,13 Seat Rs.6,400/- (300 km blocked)
Tempo Traveller 17 Seat Rs.6,850/- (300 km blocked)